Erik B. London | Founder

Redwood Capital was formed to provide its investors a way to achieve continuous cashflow and equity secured by mobile home parks. We seek for life long/generational wealth that will allow for growth and the ability to provide for our family of investors.

Our primary objective is the security of our investors capital making certain that we are investing our efforts with knowledgeable asset managers, and syndication teams to provide life long financial well being.

Redwood Capital’s name came from the founder’s experience as a teenager when he was a volunteer camp advisor at Camp Noyo deep in the northern California redwood forests. He noticed that the redwood trees seemed to grow in groups forming large circles of trees. After asking one of the adult advisors they said, that the redwoods roots are not as deep as other trees and that to stand as tall they must rely upon their neighboring redwood trees to help hold them in place. When the wind blows through the trees they would hold firmly onto each other, thus why they form circles. The redwoods demonstrate the importance and value of helping those around them with their common goal of growing towards the sun.

In much the same fashion Redwood Capital cannot stand without the help of asset managers, syndicators, property managers, legal professionals, debt financers and most importantly our equity investors. Together we can reach and grow much further than we ever could alone.